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Top Tips for Successfully Working from Home

Maintaining that Work/Life Balance

Has recent changes to the world around us changed the way you work?
Perhaps you find yourself working from home, or taking work home with you more than you had in the past?

We’ve spoken to quite a few clients over the past year who have really struggled to adapt to the work/life balance of working from home. Mainly due to the lack of separation between the two!
It can certainly be hard to switch off from work when it’s sitting right on your kitchen bench – we feel you.

SO, we’ve done a bit of research and put together our top tips for working from home while keeping a work/life balance.

Our Tips

👉 Keep a morning routine.
Don’t let the fact you’re not leaving the house cut out some of your normal morning activities, such as; walking the dogs or sitting down to eat breakfast. These small consistencies can make a big difference to the flow of your day!

👉 Get dressed.
It’s amazing how doing something as simple as wearing pants can make you feel like you have your s**t together!
That, and if things do return to normal for you, it will be less of a shock to the system if you’re still in the routine.

👉 Time block your day.
If you find yourself distracted by the washing pile in the corner, or the kids toys on the floor, it’s a good idea to schedule out your day so you can fit all the work AND home things in. Don’t forget, this includes scheduling breaks (and sticking to them)! If you want to get reaaaally regimented, setting alarms in your phone or on your calendar can help you to stick to this.

👉 Have a separate space for work.
One of the most overwhelming things about bringing work home with you, is that it’s always there! This can be hard, as we often feel obligated to check emails when they’re sitting next to us at the dinner table. Creating a separate space where you conduct work at home is the #1 tip we have for a work/life balance. Once you leave the designated work area for the day, that’s it! No emails, no enquiries! You’re off the clock.

👉 Have a nice place to work from.
Second to having a separate area, it also helps to make it a pleasant and comfortable place to be in! Hunching over your laptop on a beanbag in the corner of a hot garage without air-con, is definitely not going to increase your productivity (or mood).

You can find more top tips for working from home here.

We Can Help

NOW, we know these last two might not be realistic for everyone in their current living circumstance. But, if working from home feels like it might become part of your new normal, it’s definitely worth exploring your options!

Check out some of our working-from-home friendly designs here.

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