Handy Hints

Turn your tax refund into a home deposit

The hidden value in your tax refund

At New Sensation Homes we have low deposit options available for first and second home buyers that are more affordable than you’d think!  

Although we are out of lockdown (at the moment), many of us have permanently ditched the office for the comfort of our own trackies. And when it comes to working from home there are tax deductions worth knowing! This extra cash could kickstart a deposit for your new home. 🤭

If you qualify for one of our low deposit packages, you could secure a home of your own for as little as $1,500.  That’s less than the average Tax Refund (you heard right, TAX BACK = HOUSE DEPOSIT!!).  

To make sure you’re taking advantage of your Tax Return this year, follow our handy hints below.

Tax deductions you can claim:

  • expenses such as computers, a phone, or any electronic devices for work use
  • the costs for running electricals during work hours (air conditioning, heating, etc) 
  • work-related subscriptions and union fees

Just remember, to qualify, you’ll need:

  • to have spent the money yourself and not been reimbursed
  • it must directly relate to earning your income, and
  • the receipt to prove it!

We want you to get the most out of your tax deductions­ (even if you can’t claim the obvious ones if you were working at the office). You’ll need to keep all receipts and records for your home office to be able to claim these deductions. This is suuuper important so don’t get caught out with your pants down.👖🙃

The key is to stay organised – regularly update your expense files and diaries to save yourself time when July comes around and Bob’s your uncle!

That new home deposit is closer than you think…