How to find the best builders near me?

Dreaming of building your own home? Have ideas of how you would like to revamp or extend your current home? The key to making these dreams and ideas a reality is to partner with the right builder. Once you hire a reputable building contractor, you would be amazed how quickly your plans can start to come to fruition.

Before you begin your search for a building provider, you need to define your maximum budget, i.e. the final figure you are willing to spend including all management, contractors and materials fees. Working with an architect to spec your plans will help to further define the cost of your project and arm you with the information you need to obtain quotes from builders in your area.

How do you find which builders to obtain quotes from? What or who can you rely on to source the best builders? We’ve put together our top tips to help you find the best builders in your area:

1. Ask around

Neighbours, friends, family, colleagues – there are many people in your network or “circle” who are bound to have had some building works done in the recent past, or know someone in your area who has. Your immediate network is your go-to first step to identify recommendations for builders in your area – as well as advice on those to avoid.

2. Look up review sites

Before you book a hotel or dine at a restaurant, you’re likely to look up the reviews of past customers – you should do the exact same when checking out building providers.

While initial recommendations from your network may point you in the right direction, checking reviews on websites like ProductReview or even the reviews left on Google or Facebook for the company can give you greater insight into the standard of their work. Hundreds of positive reviews will support a builder’s credibility and show that they have a wealth and depth of expertise across a range of projects.

3. Request related references

Most building contractor websites will feature examples of their work or a “gallery” of their projects. However, you are well within your rights to seek some further project insight beyond this. Any reputable builder will be more than happy to provide you with contact details for appropriate references. Ideally, you would seek reference contacts for works they have completed which are similar to your project.

For example, if your project is a renovation project, request references specifically for past renovation projects they have worked on. If it is a full new build, likewise, request only references from customers whom the builder has completed a full new build in the past. Builders may be strong on some types of projects but may not be so experienced with others so requesting specific project references is highly important.

4. Check their particulars

The best builders in your area will be registered, insured and up to date on all of their certifications. Most importantly they be easily and happily able to prove this. Never assume or take for granted that a builder has the appropriate insurance, registration and licencing in place 0 always check this out.

Too many people get caught up in a great quote and proceed with a builder only to discover they are not a fully legitimate outfit later. When problems arise, or if there are accidents or injuries on site, the buck can fall with you if the contractor doesn’t have all their particulars in place. This can cause issues with insuring the property too or in receiving a payout in the event of a claim.

5. Visit an “appointment only” home

“Appointment only” homes are simply completed by a builder for potential clients can go and see, to get an idea of what theirs could look like. Not every building contractor will have such a structure for you to visit but for those that do, you will be able to get a clear look at their work and insight into the quality of their final finish.

At New Sensations Homes, we currently have two “appointment only” homes: one South of Perth in Providence Estate Wellard, and one northeast of Perth in the exclusive estate of Dayton.

Find the right builder can take time and commitment. However, doing your research and extensive checks can pay off significantly in the long run and will ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.