How to choose the best house and land packages in Perth?

The availability of house and land packages has significantly shortened the process involved in building your own home. By being able to purchase land with a house already built by the developer, you can be ready to move in straight away. Even if you choose to buy the land, but choose a builder to build a house for you on it, it usually needs to be built with two years.

Most favourably, house and land packages require that you only pay government stamp duty on your land, not on the new home you build/the developer builds on the land. This can help you save quite a lot of money versus buying a second-hand home or estate build.

House and land packages are in high demand right across Australia, but especially in the wider Perth area. If you’re seeking to invest in a house and land package in Perth, here are some tips to take heed of:

1. Build relationships with developers

Many house and land packages in Perth are snapped up before they are even advertised. Even if they do make it onto a real estate website, developers typically find themselves inundated with calls and enquiries with deposits quickly laid down. If you want to find the best house and land packages, you need to get in before they are ever even advertised.

Reach out to a number of developers in the area and work on building a direct contact with each. Let them your budget and what you are looking for, so you can be put on a waiting list, to be contacted as house and land packages become available.

2. Know how long you have to build

If you want to buy a house and land package where you build your own home on the land rather than buying a developer built home, you need to discover how long you will have to build the property on the land. Generally, developers will specify that you have about two years to finalise the build on the land, but this period can be shorter with some packages, which you put you under greater pressure financially and in finding a builder who can complete the project from start to finish within the timeline stated.

3. Ensure you are comfortable with the design of pre-approved homes

If you wish to buy the land with a pre-built home from the developer, ensure you are completely aware of the spec and decide whether it fully meets your needs. Amending the design of developer builds may require additional approval from building and land authorities, and there is also the chance that some developers will not permit changes to the design.

4. Choose a boutique builder

When building a custom home on a home and land package, a boutique builder will generally offer more competitive rates than a volume builder. Boutique builders are well versed in the area of custom builds and will be more attentive to your needs, developing a one-to-one relationship with you. They will also be more open to complicated or unusual design requests, which larger volume or project builders will generally refuse to touch.

5. Educate yourself on the plans for the block

To find the best house and land package for you in Perth, ensure you research the full plans for the block. Get to know how many houses will be built, whether there is scope for further houses to be built on the block in the future, and what types of houses are due to be built around your piece of land.

Also, research the building plans for the local area – are there plans to build social housing or apartments nearby? Will there be hospitals or schools built in the locality?

Find the right Perth house and land package for you

House and land packages are a great way to get on the property ladder, and there are consistently new developments being built that offer these packages in the Perth area. Taking heed of our 5 top tips above can go a long way to helping you find the right house and land packages for your needs, and enable you to finally move into your dream home.