House and Land Packages Northern Perth

Are you sick and tired of being told NO by your landlord?

Even when you ask for simple things like to get a pet, put up a basketball hoop or hang a picture?

Well you can say goodbye to the prison of your rental home and that nasty landlord telling you what you can do

Instead you can have the freedom of your own home and do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Finding the perfect location in Perth for your new home is easy

House and Land Packages in Perth Northern Suburbs

When you are starting out in life, the possibilities of what you will achieve and where you will live seem endless. Once you get a sense of the realities of the rental and property markets, however, these possibilities suddenly shrink somewhat. However, one of the most affordable ways to make the seemingly impossible possible is for first-time buyers to seek out house and land packages in Perth in the Northern Suburbs.

Here at New Sensation Homes, we are Perth’s go-to people when it comes to securing superior land and home deals. Our team of expert sales, design and building professionals offer a simple and streamlined way to go from a tenant to a homeowner in just a few short months. We combine our expertise to make it possible for those that wish to take their first steps on the property ladder to do so in a way that fits their budget and enables them to turn the key on the kind of first home they have always dreamed of.

Those currently in the market will be delighted to learn that at New Sensation Homes we offer a free information strategy to get the ball rolling. This will give you a chance to discover how we can help you do a lot more in a shorter amount of time and without having to sacrifice quality or compromise your hopes and expectations. From there, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

A Wealth of Opportunities

There are always prime real estate locations in any city. At New Sensation Homes, we understand that supply of a variety of different opportunities is important in order to meet the demand that will likely arise. As such, those seeking house and land packages in Perth WA can look forward to taking their pick from over 60 locations across the city. This wealth of opportunity makes it that bit easier to determine where exactly you want to live and to put down roots in the kind of neighbourhood you always wished to be a part of.

What makes land and home packages that bit more attractive to most folks is the fact that the team here at New Sensation Homes have vast experience working with plots of land of this nature and in terms of designing and constructing homes that will complement the space. It is a very smart way to achieve the ownership of both land and home without having to go to a whole lot of trouble securing both separately and dealing with all of the paperwork and permits.

At New Sensation Homes, our sales team appreciate that taking the first step onto the property ladder can be daunting and so we work with you to figure out a sensible budget and devise a custom-built plan that you can comfortably look forward to paying off over time.

Better yet, with our team working on your behalf, you can expect to receive preferential finance terms and low-interest rate loans that are not typically advertised to the general public. With the best financing to your back and a home that you have either custom designed, or chosen from the vast range ready to view on our site and in our catalogues, you create a future that is of your own making.

The Team That Puts You First

What’s more, with the team here at New Sensation Homes working on your home, you won’t just be given the keys to a bare-bones house. Instead, you can expect premium offerings included in our standard packages. This means that with luxury finishes and appliances already installed, you can start living the life you always wanted much faster than if you chose to go with other less committed builders.

So, for house and land packages in Perth and its Northern Suburbs get in touch with the team that puts you first and can help you achieve the kind of home comforts you’ve always dreamed of, right here at New Sensation Homes.

Check out our home and land packages for your residential dream home today. Locations we service include Osborne Park, Byford, Eden Beach and many more across Perth.

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