House and Land Packages Bushmead

Are you sick and tired of being told NO by your landlord?

Even when you ask for simple things like to get a pet, put up a basketball hoop or hang a picture?

Well you can say goodbye to the prison of your rental home and that nasty landlord telling you what you can do

Instead you can have the freedom of your own home and do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Finding the perfect location in Perth for your new home is easy

Bushmead House and Land Packages

If you are living in Perth and tired of the rental game, then the likelihood is that you are conscious of the fact that your hard earned dollars are paying off someone else’s mortgage every year. In truth, when you think about it, you’re not even that excited about the décor or the layout of the place that you’re living in now but the possibility to change it is out of your control.

For first-time home buyers, the team here at New Sensation Homes have high-quality Bushmead house and land packages that are ready for you to avail of and finally put an end to living under the thumb of landlords. Our team has decades of combined experience in the building industry, and we have pooled our resources and know-how to offer a convenient service that enables property buyers the chance to discuss and access finance, secure land and complete the build of their customised home without having to engage the services of a variety of different intermediaries.

House and Land Package Benefits

The beauty of what we offer is that it affords you the chance to explore over 60 different locations in Perth and determine which of the many and varied designs we have ready for your perusal you wish to step into in just a few short months. What’s more, those that are that little bit more creative can design their own homes. In short, we take the hassle and head-scratching out of acquiring and building your own home.

Here at New Sensation Homes, we appreciate that each client that we deal with has a vision in mind for their home, but they also have a pre-determined budget that they must take into consideration every step of the way.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a comfortable home all of their own, but we also want to make sure that you can afford what you sign up for. As such, our highly skilled sales team will work with you to set realistic and affordable budgetary goals and to access finance opportunities that give you the lowest possible interest rates.

With that much in place, we can find you the perfect Bushmead house and land packages and begin the process of determining which one best fits your specific criteria in terms of design. Rest assured, that no matter where it is you want to live, we will have a block and budget that will tick the box perfectly and help you take a few steps closer to turning the key on your own home.

At New Sensation Homes, we keep the process simple so that within a few short months you can achieve the dream build and take full ownership of your house. Our initial 20-minute free information strategy session precedes a finance eligibility assessment and from there you choose the block that you want to live on, the design of the house and once you are formally approved for finance, we build the house. It really is that simple.

A Complete and Comprehensive Approach

There are always naysayers out there that will try to dissuade you from choosing a simple route to having your own home, incorrectly believing that the traditional models are still best. In truth, our tight-knit team offer a complete and comprehensive approach and while some builders will put up the house and walk away, we offer feature luxury finishes and appliances as part of our builds.

So, if you are exploring Bushmead house and land packages, we encourage you to get in touch with the team here at New Sensation Homes today for something truly different that is designed to allow you to move into your dream home in just a few months.

Check out our home and land packages for your residential dream home today. Locations we service include Osborne Park, Byford, Eden Beach and many more across Perth.

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