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Find Out How You Can Finally Break Free From The Rental Trap And Feel The Pride, Security And Certainty Of Owning Your First Home!

House and Land Packages in Perth

How often have you wished that you could change the colour of the paint on your walls? Or do something different with the layout of the living areas? Or replace the cooker with something better? As a tenant in a rental property, you understand better than anyone else just how frustrating, drawn out and time-consuming it can be to have to deal with a landlord, or rental agency, who simply will not act unless it is absolutely necessary.

Here at New Sensation Homes, we are here to make house and land packages accessible to those that wish to finally own their own place, and we have the perfect team in place to make this process simple and convenient. First time home buyers are, of course, cautious when the time comes to start exploring their options. There are many things to consider from design to financial eligibility to location and the actual build itself.

As such, our presence in the market affords you the chance to retain the considerable knowledge and expertise of a team of building professionals who have been there and done that on countless occasions over the past decades. We are essentially a one-stop shop to achieve the dream build that you have in mind, and we have the resources, connections and capabilities to make it a distinct reality for you sooner, rather than later.

Build a Better Future

The longer you rent, the longer you live a relatively unstable life. You may be saving up with a view to securing a home in a few years, but really, the money that you are plunging into rent could be working to pay off your very own home today.

House and land packages in Perth are the ideal way for those trapped in rental accommodations to take their first step onto the property ladder, and here at New Sensation Homes, we have a range of designs divided into four main groups, which give you a wealth of choice and the possibility to secure exactly what you want.

Those that have the title deeds to home and land packages are in an enviable position. Not only have they a place that can be done up to their own liking but this is also an equitable long-term investment. Having the ability to work with our team of sales consultants enables you to choose from over 60 different locations around Perth so that you can take control of where your home will be situated.

As such, with appropriate research, you could access an investment opportunity in an up and coming area that will flourish in the not too distant future, which therefore increases the value of your home and ability to derive an income from it.

House building packages as delivered by the team here at New Sensation Homes make it possible for those seeking to take ownership of their own property to do so with formally approved financing that is accessed at the lowest interest rates possible. From there we can help you select the perfect place to build and create a high-quality home that will fill you with pride each and every day.

Embrace Independent Living

At New Sensation Homes, our land home packages are the fast and simple way to achieve three distinct things. One, access the best finance plans available to you. Two, find the perfect piece of land to build on. Three, watch your dream home come to life and take ownership.

So, if you’re tired of the endless struggle that is common with renting and are ready to embrace independent living and create a home of your very own, get in touch with the team here at New Sensation Homes today for a free 20 minute strategy session that will enable you to access the best house and land packages in Perth. Read More

Home and Land Packages

We all dream of living in a house that caters to all of our wants, needs, comforts and affords us a sense of pride that will make it that little bit more special. People always refer to the idea of owning their own home as a dream, but the reality is that it is a reality that can be achieved much easier than you might expect. Home and land packages are the best options for those that are fed up with paying rent to an a landlord and who want to finally have a place all their own that their hard work pays for each and every year.

Here at New Sensation Homes, we are the people to talk to when you make the decision to change from a tenant to an owner and want to make it happen in a way that is built around you. We appreciate that the acquisition of land is a tricky process and we know that unless you are well read in terms of the construction of homes that too can be a little intimidating. To this end, we strive to keep things simple and convenient, and we aim to deliver a home for you as fast as we can.

Not only will our team talk you through our process with a free 20-minute information strategy session and determine your eligibility for finance, but we can then help you locate a piece of land that meets your requirements, and our builder will commence construction once you have decided the specifications of your home and the finance has been secured.

A Comprehensive Approach to Land and Home Acquisition

At New Sensation Homes, we believe that land home packages take the stress out of the journey to turning the key on your very own property. We have spoken with plenty of people in Perth who lamented their decision to acquire land first, only to then discover that there were building restrictions and associated costs, which completely spoiled their plans to build that dream home.

Our customers have no such problem. We have access to over 60 locations around WA, which means that you will have a serious amount of choice with regards to where you want to live.

Naturally, a lot will depend on the financing arrangement that you can secure. However, the good news is that in choosing to work with our team, we will determine a smart, affordable and sensible budget based on your means. We believe that it is important for those that are investing in a home to feel secure both within the four walls and in terms of their ability to cover the repayments.

Here at New Sensation Homes, we want our clients to be in the driving seat as much as possible. While we have a huge variety of designs ready to peruse that were meticulously created to perfectly fit four distinct frontage groups, should you wish to customise your home that is also entirely possible.

One Step Closer to Living the Dream with the Best Home and Land Packages

How many people that bought and built homes many years ago do you think would agree that if house and land packages were a choice, they would absolutely have opted in, rather than endure the paperwork and headaches associated with acquiring both land and building a house? We reckon a lot of them would jump at the opportunity.

So, if you want out of the tenancy trap and into a home within a year from now, we invite you to get in touch with the team here at New Sensation Homes today so that we can talk you through our land home packages and bring you one step closer to living the dream.

Check out our home and land packages for your residential dream home today. Locations we service include Osborne Park, Byford, Eden Beach and many more across Perth.

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Get In Your Home Sooner With Our Creative Finance Solutions For First Home Buyers

Think you’d never be able to afford a home – or you’d have to save forever to get a deposit? Don’t be so sure. We have a finance team which is dedicated to helping people like you find the right mortgage. You may also be eligible for over $10,000 worth of government grants and exemptions which you can put towards your home.

We’ve helped Perth families get into homes with extremely low deposits, and sometimes even no deposit at all. We can also explain everything and explore your options without affecting your eligibility for finance in the future.

Reserve A Free Information Session To Find Out More About How We Can Help You

    You can finally put your money towards something you own and stop lining someone else’s pockets with your hard-earned dollars
    We take all the risk and worry out of buying your first home so you can put your mind at ease and start preparing for your new life!
    No more rent inspections and no more asking if you can get a pet or hang a picture. It’s YOUR home so YOU make the rules!
    We organise your finance, find your land, then we build your dream home. It makes the process simple and convenient for you!
    You can say goodbye to your parents and bid farewell to your annoying flat mates forever when you get into your own home!
    Our agents get you the lowest rates available in Perth – so you save thousands compared to what you would get on your own
    When you build your first home you get HUGE incentives from the government which makes home ownership even easier for you!

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Here at New Sensation Homes, we understand you might have some reservations about buying your first home. Which is why we’ve gone to extreme measures to take away any risk and put your mind at ease. Here’s our three stage promise to you…

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Take The Next Steps Towards Owning Your First Home

In this 30-minute phone consultation you’ll discover if you’re eligible to escape the renting trap. HOWEVER, even if you’re not there yet – we won’t abandon you. We’ll develop a step-by-step strategy for you to move towards owning your first home. Once it’s clear we can help you, we’ll chat about your budget, desired location and any other preferences you have. Then we’ll discuss the kinds of house and land packages available to you!

There’s no risk, no catch and no-obligation to do anything following your consultation. It’s simply a FREE way for you to get more information about finally owning your first home. These sessions are strictly limited so please act now to avoid disappointment.