How to FINALLY Live Your Dream Of Home-Ownership & Say Goodbye To The Uncertainty Of Renting The Easy & Affordable Way

The Simple Way Renters In Perth Are Getting In Their First Home & Ending The Reign Of Their Dictator Landlords Forever!

People all over Perth have FINALLY found a way to stop renting and live their dream of home-ownership. They were frustrated and hopeless because they never thought they would escape the rental trap. It seemed almost impossible to them to break into the property market. It’s just so expensive!

But now – thanks to New Sensation Homes – they have laid claim to their very own piece of Perth real estate. They no longer answer to a land lord or throw ‘dead money’ into renting, and it was easier and more affordable than they ever thought it could be. You want to know the best part though? YOU can do the same!

Never Be At The Mercy Of Your Dictator Landlord EVER Again!

Does your Landlord tell you ‘NO’ time and time again? Even when you ask for simple things like if you can get a pet, put in a cable connection or hang a picture? Why miss out on all life’s simple pleasures just because your landlord says so?

You can easily say goodbye to the prison of your rental home and that nasty landlord telling you what you can and can’t do. Instead you can have the freedom of your own home and do whatever you like, whenever you like. And you’ll never have to worry about another annoying rental inspection again!

Here’s Just a Few of the Reasons Why You Should Let New Sensation Homes Help YOU Get Into Your First House…

  • You Stop Flushing ‘Dead Money’ Down the Rental Toilet
    You can finally put your money towards something you own and stop lining someone else’s pockets with your hard-earned dollars
  • Our Triple Guarantee System Means You’re Never At Risk
    We take all the risk and worry out of buying your first home so you can put your mind at ease and start preparing for your new life!
  • You’ll Never Be at the Mercy of a Dictator Land Lord Again
    No more rent inspections and no more asking if you can get a pet or hang a picture. It’s YOUR home so YOU make the rules!
  • We’re Your One-Stop-Shop For Finance, Land and House
    We organise your finance, find your land, then we build your dream home. It makes the process simple and convenient for you!
  • Finally Be FREE Of Your Parents and Irritating Flat Mates
    You can say goodbye to your parents and bid farewell to your annoying flat mates forever when you get into your own home!
  • You’ll Get the Lowest Home Loan Rates on the Market
    Our agents get you the lowest rates available in Perth – so you save thousands compared to what you would get on your own
  • You Get More Than $10,000.00 In Grants & Exemptions
    When you build your first home you get HUGE incentives from the government which makes home ownership even easier for you!

Stop Throwing Your Hard-Earned Money Down The Drain & Invest It In Your Dream Home Instead

The average family in Perth wastes $18,000.00 per YEAR renting their home. Why don’t you put your hard-earned dollars to better use and invest in your dream home instead?

Investing in property is a safe and proven method for building wealth and financial security.

Not only will you have the freedom of your own space, you could earn money for years to come as your property appreciates in value.

Perth real estate has averaged more than 5% capital growth per year over the last 40 years – which could be an extra $20,000.00 for YOU each year.

What will you do with all that extra money?

We've Helped Hundreds Of Perth Families Get Into Their Very First Home!

Which Of These Stunning Home Designs Will You Pick For Your Family?

Finally Leave Your Parents & Flat Mates Behind & Move Into Your Own House The Quick & Easy Way

We’ve all had to live with our parents or some flat mates at some point. It’s simply something we must do to get by in today’s economy. But isn’t it time you had your own space? Have you had enough of your parents bossing you around or cleaning up after lazy flat mates who never pull their weight?

Or following THEIR house rules even though you don’t agree with them? Or having them stick their nose in all your business and invading your privacy? Well you can have your very own place at last…and it’s much more affordable than you think!

Your Simple & Convenient One-Stop-Shop Home Building Service

You won’t need to spend hours searching for different finance brokers, finding land or choosing the right builder.
We get you the best finance with the lowest rate, we locate your perfect piece of land in the spot YOU choose, and then we build your dream home for you.

We take care of EVERYTHING so you can just sit back and relax and look forward to moving in. The whole process is stress and hassle-free. We remove all the mystery and confusion and make it as simple, clear and convenient for you as we can.

The Most Affordable Way You Can Own Your First Home In Perth

You might think you could never afford your own home…or you’d have to save forever to get a deposit. But when you let New Sensation Homes help you it can be much easier than you thought! We have access to the lowest home loan rates available, which you can’t find anywhere else. And we can get you finance with a very low deposit – or even no deposit at all.

And if you’re worried about paying for the loan AND renting during the building process, you can put those worries to bed. With our special finance you can have payments as low as $50 per week while we build your house so you can afford to rent at the same time.

New Sensation Homes Are Currently Building Homes All Over Perth!

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The Iron-Clad New Sensation Homes TRIPLE GUARANTEE!

Here at New Sensation Homes, we understand you might have some reservations about buying your first home. Which is why we’ve gone to extreme measures to take away any risk and put your mind at ease.
Here’s our three stage promise to you…

Hear From Some Of The Delighted Families Now Living In Their First House Thanks To New Sensation Homes Consultants…

Here’s How It Works

Claim Your FREE No-Obligation 30-Minute ‘Stop Renting, Start Buying’ Strategy Session

Don’t throw away money renting any longer! In this 30-minute phone consultation we’ll let you know whether you’re eligible to escape the renting trap. BUT even if you’re not there yet…don’t worry. We won’t abandon you. We’ll show you the steps and develop a strategy for you to move towards owning your first home. Once it’s clear we can help you we’ll chat about your budget, where you’d like to live and any other preferences you have. Then we’ll discuss the kinds of house and land packages available to you!

This is absolutely obligation free. Our goal is to empower you to break the renting cycle and own your first home. You have nothing to lose by at least finding out if you’re eligible to buy your first home! Fill in your details now and within an hour one of our professionally trained team members will contact you to organize your FREE strategy session. Go ahead and join the hundreds of smart first home buyers living in their dream homes today before prices go up again!