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You Could Be So Much Closer To Owning Your First Home Than You Thought

Think you’ll never be able to afford your own home? Or at the very least, you’ll be saving for 5 years or more to build up a deposit? Think again! There’s a good chance you already have enough money saved to get into a brand-new home today.

There are many government incentives which make it extremely affordable for first home buyers to build a new house. You could have the keys to your stunning, custom-built home in just a few months – and finally stop throwing rent money away!

Find Out If You’re Eligible For Grants And Exemptions Which Could Save You Over $30,000!

There are loads of grants, subsidies and rebates for Perth first home buyers which help you get into the property market. You could pay a concessional rate for stamp duty or be exempt from it completely. Plus, you could also be eligible for discounted home loan rates.

The first home owners grant is $10,000 on it’s own – however when you add the other incentives you could save much more. Unsure what you’re eligible for? Our team can walk you through everything and tell you exactly what you need to do to claim your grants.

Get Approved For Finance With An Extremely Low Deposit – Or Even No Deposit At All!

Sick of the near-impossible task of saving your deposit while renting? You might not have to anymore! Our finance specialists could be able to organise a low deposit – or even NO deposit mortgage for you. This means you could be in your new home YEARS faster than you thought possible!

Worried about building a new home and paying a mortgage and your rent at the same time? Don’t stress. Our creative finance solutions can reduce your mortgage repayments to just $50 per week during your new home build to make it easy and affordable.

We've Helped Hundreds Of Perth Families Get Into Their Very First Home!

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To At Your Free 30 Minute Fast Start Session…

  • CAUTION: Are You Dragging Your Credit Score Through The Mud?
    Many first home buyers who come to us have been shredding their credit score unknowingly for years with this common mistake – find out what it is!
  • How You Can Easily Eliminate Your Mortgage Up 10 Years Faster
    You could completely wipe out your home loan 5, 7 or even 10 years earlier by using this simple method (HINT: it’s not through increasing your repayments)
  • Why You Should Never Go Directly Through Banks For A Mortgage
    Going straight to any bank for a mortgage is BIG mistake which could cost you upwards of $5000 every year – we’ll show you what you need to do instead
  • What You Must Know About Home Loans For First Home Buyers
    As a first home buyer, there are exemptions, grants and concessions you need to apply for – we’ll take you through everything you need to know
  • The Easy Way To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Interest Each Year
    You can use this little trick to slash your interest payments by thousands of dollars every year – use the money to pay down your home even faster!

Which of These Stunning Home Designs Will You Pick for Your Family?

You could easily be the proud owner of one these beautiful and affordable homes. We use the same materials, trades and builders for these as we do when we build multi-million-dollar projects, so you can certain of the quality. You can also use a design as a starting block and fully customise it to your liking – the choice is yours!

Your Weekly Mortgage Repayments Could Be The Same – Or Even Less Than What You Pay In Rent

Why rent when you could own your own home for the same money? All you’re doing is paying someone else’s mortgage when you could be paying your own. You could be the proud owner of one of our stunning new homes for as little as $238 per week – that’s probably LESS than your rental payment!

Obviously, owning your home is a better option. You get the freedom, pride and peace of mind knowing you won’t be kicked out by your landlord. Plus, you build equity in your home which helps grow your wealth and provides financial security.

Once You Secure Finance, Our Full-Service Team Handles The Entire Process From Start To Finish

Once we’ve been through the details and shown you how affordable your new home can be, we’ll search our panel of lenders to find you the best mortgage. After you’ve been approved, our end-to-end service will take you through the next steps of building your new home.

You’ll pick out a block in the Perth suburb you want, choose a stunning design and customize it to your specifications. After this our expert team of builders and trades will begin building your new home and complete it in the next 14 weeks!

New Sensation Homes Are Currently Building Homes All Over Perth!

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6 Simple Steps To Own Your First Home

The Iron-Clad New Sensation Homes TRIPLE GUARANTEE!

Here at New Sensation Homes, we understand you might have some reservations about buying your first home. Which is why we’ve gone to extreme measures to take away any risk and put your mind at ease. Here’s our three stage promise to you…

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We’ll help you navigate the treacherous waters of getting finance for your first home. You’ll discover how to deal with the greedy banks that will try to lock you into a contract that will cost you $10,000s in unwanted fees and interest.

Here’s what you’ll get on your free fast start session:

  • How to get started with owning your first home even if you have little to no deposit yet! (this is 100% legitimate and backed by the government)
  • Think the lowest interest rate is your best option? WRONG! We’ll reveal the hidden traps that catch most Western Australians out when choosing a mortgage and how you can avoid them
  • Variable vs. Fixed Rate Home Loans? With over 2900+ Loan providers in Australia and lots of dirty terms and conditions – finding the right home loan can be confusing. We’ll help you navigate the waters to selecting the cheapest home loan over a 20+ year period
  • Concerned about your credit rating or mismanaged credit card in the past? We’ll show you the free and easy tool to check your rating and let you know if you’ll be accepted for finance
  • After the session, we’ll also provide you with our exclusive home loan checklist to make sure you can find a reputable home loan provider that will help save you $10,000s over the life of the loan