Build your dream house

Everyone has visions of their dream home – what do yours look like? Does your dream home have a big back yard where your kids can play? Does it have a front porch where you can sit and watch the sunset? Does it have a large where you can do some woodwork or work on car? Maybe it has a laundry chute or some clever kitchen appliances to make housekeeping that little bit easier?

For far too many of us, our “dream house” remains a dream for eternity, largely because we believe it is something we could never afford or which would take years to build. The reality, however, is that this is often very untrue. Sitting down with a builder to spec out the features of your dream house can be a huge eye-opener. Most importantly, you could quickly realise that that home you’ve always dreamed of could actually be yours.

Let’s explore some of our top tips to help you make building your dream home a reality:

1. Think About You Really Need

You may envision a full gym space and even a cinema room in your dream home, but would you actually use those spaces? Will you be able to manage the upkeep of a large garden? Understanding the practicalities of elements of your dream home is important. You could still have a garden large enough for your kids to run around or even build a tree house, without it being acres in size.

The same goes for spaces like your kitchen – do you really need two hobs? Will you actually use a breakfast bar or a kitchen island? Likewise, do you need to have six bedrooms? How likely are all ever to be used? Once your children move out, will you be left with lots of unused space?

2. Forget About Current Trends

If you want to build a dream home for the future, do exactly just that – build it for the future. If you are basing the design of your dream home on a lot of current trends or technologies, you will find it will currently become dated.

Following the trend of spiralling staircases is great aesthetically, but what about when you get older? How practical will they be? Likewise, narrow corridors and tight spaces may seem fine for now, but as you get older, you’ll likely need wider, wheelchair accessible pathways.

3. Consider your ongoing budget

In building your dream home, it’s important to consider not only the cost of the project but the monthly maintenance and utility costs beyond that. It may be the case that you can afford the cost of the build, but ongoing landscaping, cleaning and utilities bill can push that affordability through the roof.

There’s also the cost of property tax and insurance to consider, as well as the cost of commuting if you choose an area far away from work and family.

4. Work with a reputable custom home builder

Building your dream home requires partnering with an experienced custom homes builder. Building contractors will have varying experience in different projects, but only those with expertise in building custom homes will be able to provide you with the right advice, tight project management and cost estimates to embark on a hassle-free home build.

A custom home build is a completely different project to estate builds, revamps or renovations. It’s not an area that a builder can simply “give a try”. Listening to the customer’s needs and being able to realise them while knowing the potential obstacles that can be faced is critical to achieving project satisfaction for a custom home build. These capabilities come only after years of experience of building custom homes.

Do you dare to dream?

Don’t dismiss the idea of building your dream home. Sit down with an architect and spec it all out, with careful consideration to future needs and the features which will truly create your dream home. A reputable builder will be able to provide you with a true quote for the build and help you to decide whether a custom home build is an avenue you can explore.